Saturday, March 21, 2009

Target razor deal~ And the quaker deal!

In the Target add for Sun 3/22 Sale on Schick quattro or Intuition plus razors or cartriges for women is on sale for 6.99 ea.Coupon in the sunday paper for $ 4/ 1 ladies schick quattro and Intuition razors. When you buy 2 you get a $5 Gift card. So after coupons and gift card would make it .98 cents for 2 Math 2 quattro and /or intuition razors = 13.98Minus coupons $ 4 / 1 x 2 = 8Target Gift card $5 13.98 -8 - 5 = .98 for 2 razorsor .49 ea .What a DEAL !!!!

Today I got 10 yes 10 boxes of quaker chewy granola bars for $20-4$1/2 q's-$10gift card=$6~ not bad so I am going to roll my gift cards into the razors and if everything goes well I will have18 razors!

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Learnin2save said...

That is such an awesome deal! Please stop by my blog and check out the award I have for you! Thanks for all the insight on the awesome deals out there!