Monday, March 30, 2009

CVS trip 3/29/09

I didnt do many deals yesterday because I had my daughters' birthday party yesterday. I did however make it to CVS :D. I did 1 transaction to get all of my goodies. I am not sure what my OOP would be-for me it was lilke $3 because I had so many ECB's saved up that I got tired of rolling all of them and burned some up.

I got
6 sally hansen nailpolishes
4 bags of m and m's
3 ponds towellettes
2 veet
2 lasting impressions
1 sense and spray
3 clean and clear
4 paas egg coloring

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cvs monday night trip

I went to CVS last night to do a deal I saw on HCW but there was no signs up since it is in next sundays worked so it went like this

Transaction 1:(to see if it worked)
1 Softsoap ensambles refill base $3.99
-$1 coupon
-$2 ECB
Total OOP:$0.99 no ecb(thought it didnt work but on the bottom of the receipt it said buy 2 get $4ECB-yay it worked!

Transaction 2
1 softsoap pump
2 refill bases
-$2 pump q
-2 $1 off refill q
-$6ECB Total OOP-$5.37? wierd total but it was a wierd cashier that didnt know what was going on...Got back $8 ECB! TOu can do this deal 5 times for a total of 10 per card! I have about 13 coupies of the SS insert from all of those razors so I am good to go! I can sell them at my yardsale for atleast 2x what I paid...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Target trip 3/22/09

I started out with 2 $5 gift cards from the quaker deal yesterday.... this is what I got-I am amazed! I could have done better but the cashier got mad at me and said-I know what you are doing! These $8 razors will be free! I said almost they will be 2/$1!!!! She got a mean look on her face so I said oh well and just did 2 transactions to start out with.

Transaction 1
Twilight DVD(for DD) $17.99
2 gillette body wash $2
satin care shave gel $.97
10 intuitions razors $6.99each total$56
-10$4 q's
-2 $2 q's for body wash-FREE
-$1 satin care $0.01 MM!
-$10 gift card from quaker deal
Total-$48 (18 was movie) got $30 in gift cards

Transaction 2
8 schick quattro razors $6.99 each $56
-8 $4 q
-$25 in gift cards
Total OOP $1.08 got back $20 in gift cards

I cant find the other receipts but i now am the proud owner of like 3 years supply of razors(I think 26) and now have $25 in gift cards to roll!

Walgreens 3/22/09

Not so great trip today.
Transaction 1
2 Organix shampoo/comditioner FREE! after MIR
6 stride gum $0.79 each
-2 $2 off 3 stride gum
Total OOP was$5 something

CVS 3/22/09

Cvs trip today was okay... I got a $5/$15 on hubby's card so I had to use it.. I got
Transaction #1
Crest pro health toothpaste $3.49
4 buddy bars $1.19
Excederine $7.99
-$2.00 excederine
-$4.oo buddy bars q
-$1.00 crest pro health q
-$5 ECB
Total OOP $0.26 got back $2 ecb, $3Ecb

My card
Trasaction #1
Crest pro health toothpaste $3.49
2 apricot scrub tubs $5.49 each
-$1.00 crest q
-$7 ECB
Total OOP $7.xx got back $5 ECB and a $3 ECB and a $5/$15 q so I had to use it!
Transaction 2
2 schick razors trim one $8.99
-2$4 off q
-$3 ECB
Total OOP $2.36 got back $3 ECB(limit of 1 on razor but almost free!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Target razor deal~ And the quaker deal!

In the Target add for Sun 3/22 Sale on Schick quattro or Intuition plus razors or cartriges for women is on sale for 6.99 ea.Coupon in the sunday paper for $ 4/ 1 ladies schick quattro and Intuition razors. When you buy 2 you get a $5 Gift card. So after coupons and gift card would make it .98 cents for 2 Math 2 quattro and /or intuition razors = 13.98Minus coupons $ 4 / 1 x 2 = 8Target Gift card $5 13.98 -8 - 5 = .98 for 2 razorsor .49 ea .What a DEAL !!!!

Today I got 10 yes 10 boxes of quaker chewy granola bars for $20-4$1/2 q's-$10gift card=$6~ not bad so I am going to roll my gift cards into the razors and if everything goes well I will have18 razors!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Honest Scrap award

I got nominated for the Honest Scrap award! Thanks MidgetMomma! But unfortunatly I can tpass it on today-I am super busy but I will when I get time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patty's Day! And a special shout out to my daughter Courtney! She is turning 5 today! I hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

johnson buddies=free!!!

More free johnson buddies! time to stock up! the coupons have been reset!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is it so far. Remember I have only been doing this for three months.....:)

my deodorant and gum and toothbrushes

my toothpaste,first aid and razors

fruit snacks was about 55 boxes

all of my glade lasting impressions

sense and sprays, scented oil candles



more food, electrosal, dawn,pamolive


I have finally organized enough of my stockpile to take some pictures....
I dont have my diapers, wipes,laundry detergent, cases of soda, paper towels and toulet paper organized to take pics of.
For your viewing pleasure(leave a coment and tell me what you think!)

CVS and Wlagreens haul

This is my haul from today. I went to walgreens and CVS. The only items not pictured are my 8 bottles of sunkist and (from CVS) 15 fleece blankets for $0.25 and 7 pairs of crocs $0.99

Friday, March 13, 2009

Walgreens upcoming week

Some deals I am doing at walgreens this week:

Palmolive dish soap(like I need more) $.99-$1.00 off coupon=$0.01mm
Reach or Listerine 3/$9 spen $9 get $6RR like paying $3/3-$3/3 coupon in sunday sun =FREE after coupons and RR!

Thats all I see so far but I have $20RR still to use.... I will find something!

CVS deals I am doing this week

Irish Spring Body Wash $4.99, Earn $4.99 ECBs (limit 1) * Sunday - Tuesday ONLY!- 50¢/1 Q (3/15 SS)= Free + 50¢ Profit after Q and ECBs

Colgate Max White Toothbrush or Toothpaste $2.99, Earn $2.99 ECBs (limit 1)- 75¢/1 Q (2/22 SS)= Free + 75¢
Profit after Q and ECBs
Dry Idea Deodorant $2.99, Earn $2 ECBs (limit 1)- $2/1 Printable HERE= Free + $1.01 Profit after Q and ECBs
Wheat Thins or Ritz Crackers (small packages) $1 (limit 10)- $2/2 Q (1/25 SS)= Free

Other Good Deals:
Spend $15, Earn $5 ECBs (limit 1)Lays Baked $3- $1/1 Q (All You Mag. March ‘09 Issue)True North Nuts $3- $1/1 Q (2/8 SS)Tropicana OJ $3- $1/2 Q (1/4 RP)Quaker Instant Oatmeal $2.50- 70¢/1 Q (1/4 RP)- $1/2 Q (2/8 RP)Quaker Granola Bars $2.50- $1/2 (3/8 RP)
(4) True North Nuts $3 ea.
(1) Lays Baked $3 ea.
- (4) $1/1 True North Qs-
(1) $1/1 Lays Baked Q= $10, earn $5 ECBs= $5 or $1 ea.

Spend $15 on Hershey, Earn $5 ECBs (limit 1)
Hershey’s Eggs $2- $1.50/3 Printable HERE
- $1.50/3 Q (3/15 SS)Hershey’s Kisses $1.88
- $1.50/3 Printable HERE Hershey’s Bliss $3.50
- $1/1 Printable HERE
- $1/2 Q (3/15 SS)

Scenario:(2) Hershey’s Bliss $3.50 ea.(4) Hershey’s Bags $2 ea.
- (2) $1/1 Hershey’s Bliss IPs
- (1) $1.50/3 Hershey’s Bags Q
= $11.50, Earn $5 ECBs= $6.50 or $1.08 ea.

Buy $10 worth of Glade, Earn $3 ECBs (limit 5)
Essential Oils Candle $2.50- $1.50/2 Q (2/1 SS or 3/15 SS)
Plug-In Scented Oil Refills $2.50
- Buy 2 Refills get a Free Warmer Q
(2/8 SS)- $1/2 Refills Q (3/15 SS)
Scented Oil Candle Refills 3 pk. $2.50
- $2/2 Refills IP- $2/2 Q (3/15 SS)
Scenario:(4) Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills $2.50 ea
.- (2) $2/2 Qs= $6, Earn $3 ECBs= $3 or 75¢ ea.

Buy $15 worth of Dove, Earn $5 ECBs (limit 5)Body Wash $6.99- $1/1 Q (1/18 RP)
- $1.50/1 Cream Oil Body Wash Printable HERE
- $1.25/1 Body Wash Q (3/15 RP)
- $1.50/1 Cream Oil Body Wash Q (3/15 RP)
- $1.50/1 Go Fresh (3/15 RP)Dove 6 Bar $6.99
- $1/1 Dove Q (1/18 RP)
- $1.50/1 Dove Q (3/15 RP)
- $1.50/1 Dove Go Fresh (3/15 RP)Dove Lotion $6.99
- $1.50/1 Cream Oil (1/18 RP)
- $1.25/1 Cream Oil (3/15 RP)Dove Vitalizer $9.99- $3.50/1 Q (1/18 RP or 3/15 RP)
- $3.75/1 Printable HEREDove/Degree Deodorant $3.79
- $1.50/2 Dove Q (1/18 RP or 3/15 RP)
- $1.25/1 Dove Go Fresh (3/15 RP)Dove Hair Care $3.99
- $1.50/1 Q (1/18 RP)
- $1.50/1 Conditioner Q (3/15 RP)
- $1/1 Hair Care Q (3/15 RP)
Scenario:(4) Dove Hair Care $3.99 ea.
- (4) $1.50/1 Qs= $9.96, Earn $5 ECBs= $4.96 or $1.24 ea.

Bic Soleil Razor $6.99, Earn $3 ECBs (limit 2)
- $2/1 Q (3/15 SS)= $1.99 after Q and ECBs
Thanks for the tips Thrifty mom!


So this week has been great at walgreens... I have walked away with 19 sense and sprays, 13 lasting impressions and 9 packs of diapers/wipes and still have RR to spend....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Custom clippies for your little one!

I am making custom hair clippies! Check out my pictures(not the best pics-I HATE my camera) here-

Please let me know what you think and if I can help you with anything-prices start at $2 and no that isnt all of my ribbon-I have tons!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

CVS correction

Correction to another post of mine-lasting impressions is on sale at CVS the week of 3/29 so I think our coupon expires befor then but not sure yet I havent looked/ I thought they were on sale next week but couldnt find it again but check back later as I will have more info

Free Irish spring body wash after the first

Walgreens is having their Irish spring body wash on sale this week for $4.49 I think. You get a RR for a free bottle WYB1 . I have heard that you cant use a RR on the same product and expect another to print but THIS ONE DOES!!!! I have gotten 9 bottles so far and still have 2 more q's for free bottles but I didnt want to clear the shelf!

Scenerio: even better with a q but I didnt have one

I rish spring body wash $4.49 get a RR for free one

Repeat over and over and over!!!

Free glade lasting impressions!

I am holding out for next week CVS is having glade lasting impressions on sale for $5.99 and get $5.99 ECb. I have B1G1 free q's and $4 off q's and a cvs q for save $1 on a glade air freshener! I am soo excited(thats sad right?)

2 glade lasting impressions
-$4 off
-b1G1 free q
-$1 q from CVS
-$1 Ecb

Total oop would be : $.00 and get back $10.98 ECB!!!!!!!! I hope the limit is more than 2 but I only have 2 B1G1 free q's but tons of $4 ones!!!

CVS trip 3/08

My CVS trip didnt go so well because I under estimated OOP cost and over estimated ECB's oh well.

Transaction #1
6 herbal essance shampoo
2 secret flawless deodorant
1 crest pro health toothpaste
1 aveeno lotion
1 huggies baby wipe travel pack

OOP: $5 because the aveeno wasnt the one w/ECB got back $9 ecb

Transaction #2
4 herbal essences
2 secret flawless
1 crest prohealth

Total OOp $2 got back $7ECB instead of $8 because the secret was a limit of 1

Walgreens trip 3/8/09

Walgreens this morning was nice for a change. My favorite cashier taht let me use alot of coupons was working. I had a nice haul today.
4 glade lasting impressions
19 sense and sprays
9 Irish spring body washes
nail file
9 packs of orbit gum
2 excedrine mestrual relief
2 packs of huggies diapers
1 huggies wipe

came to about $24 OOP but got back $10RR so not too bad and I have more q's for free body wash!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glade sense and spray

Visit for a coupon for B1G1 free glade sense and spray. YOu can print 2 . At walgreens this week they are on sale for $8.99 with a $3 MIR. There are coupons that will save you $4 so this could be $1.00 MM if they let you use both coupons.

Walgreens trip week of 2/22

Walgreens wasnt so nice this week but this is what I got:

Transaction #1-
1 gillette fusion gamer $8.99 get $6 RR
used $4 off q
Total OOP- $4.99 plus tax got back $6 RR

Transaction #2
1 gillette fusion gamer $8.99 get $6RR
used $4 off q
Total OOP-$4.99 plus tax got back $6RR

Transaction #3
Gillette satin shave gel clearance for $1.29
Gillette satin shave gel clearance for $1.29
Reynolds aluminum foil $.89
glade sense and spray $8.99
glade sense and spray $8.99

-2 $1.00 off satin shave gel
-$4.00 for sense and spray
-$3.00 for sense and spray
-$1.00 off reynolds wrap
-$6.00 off purchase RR

Total OOP-$6.74 and I get $6 back for a rebate!

Not bad

Transaction #2
3 glade candle refill $2.50
2 glade candles $2.50
2 glade lasting impressions $8.99
2 glade scented oil candles $5.99
-$1.50 off 2 candles
-$1.00 off scented oil refill
-$1.00 off scented oil candle refill
-$1.00 off scented oil candle refills
-$2.00 off glade scented oil candle
-$5.99 B1G1 free scented oil candle
-2 $4.00 off lasting impressions$
-B2G1 free scented oil refill
-$6 RR

Total OOP-$17.97 but I get $11 rebate back

CVS trip 2/24

I went to cvs on a whi, last night and this is what I got:
4 big red gum $.99
2 nightquil $4.99
1 Renuzit triscents $5.49

used 4 $.99 gum q's
used $1.50 off nightquil
used $1.50 off nightquil
used $4.00 off triscents
used $2.49 ECB
used $5.00 ECB

Total OOP= $1.10 and got back $7 ECB and got a $10/$30 q so I had to go shopping again!

I got
4 7up 12 packs
1 boost kid essentials $11.99
2 cvs cotton rounds $.99
2 2-liter dr pepper $1.89
1 huggies wipe $3.49

-$.50 off huggies wipes
-$2 cvs q for huggies wipes
-2 $1.59 off 1 dr pepper
-$11.99 boost kid essentials
-$10/$30 cvs q

total OOP-$6.23 got back $5 ECB I should have used $5 ecb but I forgot. still not bad

Earlier this week I had gotten my free colgate toothepaste but I forgot to put it in here

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend shopping

Sorry I havent posted in a while. I was sick for over a week with the flu, 2 pink eyes,1 ear infection and pnuemonia. NOT FUN!!!

CVS 2/15/09

2 total toothpastes
6 12packs of diet coke
-4 $1 off any coke product
-2 $1 off and total toothpaste

TOOP: $22 got back $16 ECb not bad for all that coke!

I havent really been cvsing lately but on sundays. I am planning on going tonight to do the neutragena deal. Buy 2 facial cleansers get $10ECB back. The $2.99 face bars are working for this deal so its a $4 MM.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Morning shoppers

My first experience this morning at CVS with elderly ladies that clear the shelves! I was going after the revitalift and the candles and the chewable asperin. This lady had the cashier unlock the cabinet and I got my four revitalift cleansers(which they had like 8 of) and they had two stacks of the wipes. This lady took like 6 wipes and 4 cleansers-is that fair? Does everyone clear the shelves? If you got there first wouldnt you get what you want or would you leave some? Ask yourself that next time you get to a deal or discover a good deal before anyone get upset when someone does it to you but do you do it too/ I try not too and so far I havent even had enough coupons to do it!

Highlights form today

I went to walgreensand a few other places this morningand without looking through all of my receipts, here are some of the highlights

8 pop tarts 2/$3
-8 $1.00 peelies
=.50 a box!

-2 $2 off theraflu warming
=2/$6 w/ a $6MIR=FREE

Cottonelle flushable wipes $2.99
-$1 off cottonelle
=$1.99-not great but not bad

10 sobe life waters 10/$10
-7 $0.50 on any sobe life water
=$6.50 and got a $5 gift card

Fruit stackerz 4 for $4
-2 $0.50 coupons doubled to a $1.00
-$2.50 OYNO coupon
got some gum as a filler
Did this transaction 2x
2 perdue chicken strips $4.99 on sale $2.99
-2 $2.50 OYNO
=$0.98 YAY!

CVS trip 2/1/09

I only did two transactions today:
Transaction 1:
4 glade candles $3.89 on sale for $2.50 4/$10
2 Loreal revitalift cleanser $6.99 on sale $5.99
1 Adult CVS chewable asperin $1.99
1 Excedrin 10ct $2.49
1Bodiheat 3 pack $3.99

-$1.00 off bodiheat(peelie)
-2 $1.50/2 glade candles
-2 $2/1 loreal face product
-$4 ECB

Total OOP:3.63 got back $22.49 ECB saved 34.56

4glade candles $2.50
2 Loreal revitalift facial cleanser $5.99
1 Earinse $7.99
1CVS chewable asperin $1.99
1Excedrin 10 ct $2.49
1 Bodiheat 3 pack
1 6 hour energy shot
gum for DD(she needed it) $0.99

-$1.00 bodiheat
-2 $2 loreal face product
-2 $1.50/2 glade candle
-$5 ECB

Total OOP: $8.43 got $35.49 in ECB!!!! Not bad I saved $44.50

Friday, January 30, 2009

Stockpile pictures

Pics of my stockpile-I will be taking pictures of my slowly growing stockpile this weekend. I have to go get my 40 free whipps bars tonight and my 20 deodorants for $5 , and my 4 boxes of fruit roll ups for $0.75! I will be stocking up on these tonight! my kids go through these like water-not to mention that I send them into preschool for a snack!

Good deal at the Childrens Place!

I went to my local Children's Place last night and got a ton of stuff! They had mostly all their winter clothes for $5 and under! I got 7 coats, 2 vests, like 5 sweaters, 10 pair of sweatpants, sweat shirts, gloves,hats and much much more for next year! I only(get this) spent $97.I saved ...........$684!!!! Now that is a good deal!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

GDA at Weis!!! 4 boxes of fruit roll ups for $0.75!!

I went to Weis in Abingdon tonight and for 4 days(4 day sale started today) you can get 4 for $4 fruit roll ups, fruit by the foot and gushers AND when you buy 4 you get $2.50 coupon off of your next order. I did this (I had an IP coupon for $0.75/3 (doubled to $1.00) so I paid $3 for 4 boxes and $2.50 off of next order and out of the catalina popped a coupon for save $0.75 on 3!!! SO I did more orders!!! after the first you see the savings my next one: 4 boxes of fruit by the foot $4 use my $0.75/3(doubled to $1.00)=3 use the $2.50 off of next order =$0.50 +tax=FINAL PRICE $0.75 for 4 boxes and I got another $2.50 off of next order-I did this so many times tonight I must have like 20 boxes-i didnt want to clear the shelves!

Getting things for free

Some of you have left comments and some of you have emailed me about how I get free items at CVS....the latest was the gillette fusion gamer razor.... THey are on sale this week for $7.99, and get $4ECB. I have a $4 off coupon. I bought one at $7.99 used the $4.00 off coupon and gave them $4 ECB and got it for free and just had to pay tax. Then I got another $4ECB on my receipt.

Here is another example: Gillette shampoo for men was on sale this week at CVS for $4.99 and get $3 ECB. I had a $2/off 1 coupon AND a $2/2 coupon so I bought 2 it came to $9.98 I gave her my $6 ECB 2-$2 /2 coupons and I also gave her my $2/2 coupons so I got some toothpaste for free:)If I didnt have the $2/2 coupon, it would still be free and I would get back $6 ECB.

I am up to $40 ECB between 2 cards and have saved over $800 since the beginning of the year! I have only spent about $100 OOP but that includes my mess ups when I first started! HAHA!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CVS 1/28/09

So I decided to call CVS today instead of going there because of the roads being bad. I called and they had the gamer fusion razor in! YAY! I ent right down. I purchased 7 of them for FREE(well just tax)!

Walgreens got back to me!

okay I dint here back from CS but I DID get a call from the store manager! He said he looked at the receipt from my transaction, and checked out the products. He said I wasnt in the wrong and it should have worked. If it didnt he said the manager on duty should have come up front. He said I was welcone to come in and get the products that I wanted to get and he would make sure it went in. I went there and the cs I hated(xxxx ) was there. I asked to speak with the manager and he said what do you want him for? I saidd because he called me at home and TOLD me to ask for him when I got there!!!!! Thats why! He pushed everything through and the starbuckks deal worked on its own!!!!!! YAY!!! So it sometimes helps to complain! I also said I was made to look like a criminal for using coupons and that I went to abingdon with my coupons with no problem. He said he was sorry for losing a customer and hopes that I shop at that one again.........and apoligized again. YAY!! A happy ending!_________________ So I went in there and did my transactions-even the manager couldnt believe that! Oh BTW-it went through today which means that cashier that said she was soooo good-apparently cant run a cash register right HEHE!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Target trip 1/25

Nothing too exciting but I did find Hawaiin tropic kids sunscreen and banana boat kids sunscree(three pack with lip stuff and face stick) for $1.98 and I couldnt pass it up! I also got some body wash, hubby got some more free gillette body wash and I got a new toy!! yes that is right I got a Letratag!!!! I can label everything! I have been organizing like crazy!!!! Its so neat. i have been organizing my stock pile. And if someone will kindly tell me how to post pics, I will show you what it looks like after almost a month of stockpiling!

CVS and Wags trips on 1/25 and 1/26

AHH! Sorry I havent been posting so much! I am sooo behind on things. I went to CVS Sunday morning first thing and got 10(5 on each card) gillette shampoos for FREE and got back 15 ECB with each. I also purchased the 2/$1 tissues, 2 huggies diapers. I also bought the 3 Advil cold and sinus for $15, used $6 in coupons and paid $4 OOP and got back $5-Not a bad week! Not as good as others but not bad. I also got 7 bags of Stacys pita chips, used 7 $1.50 off q's and $10 ECB. Paid $0.50 for 7 bags and got $10ECB back!

I then went to Walgreens and loaded up on frosted flakes for their $1.99 cereal. I used $1.50 off of 2 q and I also used $3 off of 2 q. Made for some cheap breakfasts! I also got the dove deodorant for $1.25 not too bad. I ordered some q's so I can get 8 of them and use $10rr and get $10rr back . It will cost me $2.00 OOP for 8 deodorants. I am also getting more yes more free whipps bars-I dont know what I am going to do with all those whipps! I went last night to get 2 bags of starbucks chocolates and2 Frappocinos and I had trouble with the cashier. She or the manager didnt want to give me 2 boxes of chocolate and 2 drinks for $4! It would have been even better if I found the $1 off on box of starbucks chocolate blinkie! I wanted to use the coupon from the ES catalog. They wouldnt let me do it so I went to the next walgreens and they let me. AHH some ppl!

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Target trip 1/23/09

Okay I finally got to take a trip to the Target in Aberdeen! They have sooo many things on clearance! This is waht I got

J&j buddy bar $.99
2 pack scrubby bubbles antibacterial clearanced for $4.24
Target brand dryer sheets $1.86
2 Ocean spray cranberry Light $1.99
Lean Pockets $1.86 (clearanced)
2 suave travel lotions $.97
2 pack of old spice bobody wash w/free sponge $4.24
1 Gillette body wash $3.99
1 gillette shampoo $3.99
1 gillette fusion razor(clearanced) $7.87
3 ziploc vacuum things(yes i still have coupons-like a ton!)

-$1.00 j&j product
-$0.75 scrubby bubbles
-$1.00 Ocean spray juice
-$1.00 Ocean spray juice
-2 $1.00 target coupons for ocean spray juice
-$1.00 off of 2 suave lotions
-$1.00 off old spice body wash
-FREE gillette body wash when you buy gillette fusion
-FREE gillette shampoo when you buy gillette fusion
-$4.00 gillete fusion razor
-3 $2.00 off coupons for the ziploc thing

she also forced a gillette fusion $4.00 off coupon through when I thought I bought another razor but it wasnt on there so I got the razor for free with a shampoo and a body wash for free too! Good deal!

Total OOP was $14.xx and total saved was $35.xx not excellent but good for target!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

CVS and Walgreens upcoming deals

I am using this post to quickly write about upcoming deals so I dont forget.

CVS this upcoming week-gillette fushion razor-$7.99 with $4 ECB use your $4 coupon=FREE
gillette shampoo on sale for $4.99 with $3 ECB use your $2 off coupon =FREE and use your $2/2 coupon with it and its a mm
more to come...

Walgreens-nothing caught my eye just yet...

Walgreens and CVS 1/20/09

CVS Trip last night was okay. I still had those same three ECB I have been trying to burn. I desided to do the Hallmark card thing. I got 15 hallmark cards for nothing OOP and still have my $3 ECb! I am going to try to see how long I can roll it :D I also got an excedrine for free and an excedrine back and body for free. I got 2 dawn dish detergents for $0.69 I had a $1.00 coupon. Not a bad trip! I then went to walgreens to try to do the pepsi deal again(I have done it like 3 times and the ragu and pb deal like 3 or 4 times) Needless to say I have like 15 jars of pb(With all of the lunches I make I go through a jar a week!) They only had doritoes and they went bad like 3 weeks ago-ewwww! I looked and they had NO gatorade and I decided not to do the pepsi deal at this walgreens. I ended up doing the band aide deal and then found the Muana Loa macadamias I have been looking for!!! I cleaned them out on them too! I totaled everything I have gotten from walgreens up and I ended up with like 10 jars of ragu, 15 jars of pb, 30 gatorades, 10 packs of pepsi, 6 muana loa,2 packs of band aides-phew and still have $13 in RR to use! Oh yeah and I made $3 off all of my reese's whips candy bars! I have the gift card being mailed to me. I used 20 man q. for $1.00/2 and they are on sale for 2/$1.00 so I have 40 whipps candy bars- ugh!

Monday, January 19, 2009

CVS trip on 1/18/09

I had some ECB's I wanted to burn because dh lost his card and got a new one, well the old one and new one are both connected to his phone number so I want to burn the ones on the card and just give them jis phone number. It didnt happen! I had $8 to burn and walked out with $3 and got 6 dawns and some cottonelle wipes :( oh well

Transaction #1
2 CVS 5ct allergy med $3.79 get $3.79 in ECB

Transaction #2
Pepsi deal to roll som ECB's
8 gatorades 4/$5
4 pepsi 12 packs 4/$12
used $11 ECB got back $10
Total OOP was $11.xx

Next week will be better. This weekend was great! I ended up with like 20 pepsi 12 packs and alot of other great finds! I even talked DH to go get the chrome storage shelf that was on sale at Target this weekend for my great deals! He is always laughing at me but this weekend when he go this $0.50 gatorades -he wasnt laughing! Next week I told him I can get free razors-he said I can always use them! He is even now driving me to get deals! Ahh!!! I love it!!

Walgreens transactions this weekend

Okay since I dont have alot of time today I will just recap!

Walgreens trip 1/17/09 @11:45pm

6Ousts $3.79 each B1G1 Free
B1G1 coupons
Total OOP-$0.62 tax-ugh!

Walgreens trip 1/17/09@ 11:50pm
3 Extra packs of gum 3/$1.99 on sale $3/.99
6 skippy peanut butters $1.99
2 ragu sauces $1.99
Total OOP-$3.86
They said I was taking a chance using my $10rr to get this deal because the rr usually dont print til like 2am but I was tired and we just came from the movies so I wanted to go home. My rr did print! Score! I went home and went to bed so I could go to my walgeens and score some more $0.25 peanut butter!!!!

Walgreens trip 1/18/09

12 gatorades 3/$3
2 doritos 2/$5
2 Tostitoes 2/$5
Salsa con queso 2/$5

Free salsa w/2 tostitoes coupon -$2.50
$22.00 -$10rr
Total OOP $12.72 got back $10rr!!!

Transaction #2
8 skippy peanut butters $1.99
1 bag of m and m's $.59(filler for dh)

-(2)$1/2 skippy's
-(2)$0.40 off 1 skippy
-$10rr from pepsi deal
total oop- $2.95 and got back $10rr!!!

transaction #3
5 pepsi 12 packs 5/$15
2 tostitoes 2/$5
salsa con queso $2.50

-$2.50 get salsa free when you buy 2 tostitoes
-$10rr from skippy
Total OOP-$10.90 and got back $10rr!

Transaction #4
8 ragu sauces $1.99
1 bag of m and m's $0.59

-$1.00 on 3
-$1.00 on 3
-$.50 on 2
Total OOP-$4.05 and got $10RR

recap total OOP $34.xx saved $138.68 and I still have my $10RR!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I will dig out my receipts tomorrow to see what I spent and saved but it was alot! See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

NO MORE $3 CVS coupon

Please no one use anymore $3 off CVS Brand coupons! They are NOT a legit coupon!!! Using them is FRAUD! I have used a couple but will not be using them anymore. If you want CVS to continue to accept IP of any kind we have to do our best and only use legal IP!! Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Go to and get your coupon for a FREE bottle of SUAVE(shampoo, lotion,styling product) today only-while supplies last!!!

CVS and walgreens

I have been contemplating upcoming deals in my head and decided to write them here so I wouldnt forget....

Walgreens has skippy pb next week on sale for $1.99. If you buy 8 you get $10 RR. I have coupons for $0.40 off. If I use those coupons and my $10 rr from another order, I get 8 peanut butters for about $ .32 each! Cant beat that with a stick...

CVS has an upcoming deal with gillette fushion gamer on sale for $7.99 with 4 ECB so I have a bunch of coupons for $4.00 off=Free razor!!!!

FOOD LION is having a sale this week starting today on COKE products. Its 3/$9 12 packs-I have coke coupons found next to ritz cracker boxes so its 3/$6 not bad! I am also going to MARS they have the spray COOL WHIP on sale starting today for $.99 and I have a $1.00 off coupon-FREE!!!!

I am also still stocking up on my cough drops and my free oust from Walgreens-i think I still have like 12 coupons of B1G1 Free=FREE FOR ME~~~!! gotta love coupons.

I went last night to Target to get my 30 boxes of Electrasol. I have never seen it this cheap for the 25% FREE boxes! I got all 30 for $22.00

CVS TRIP 1/13/09
I bought 2 GE cheese crackers ,2 packs of spongebob stickers,2 candies and 2 rolls of wrapping paper for $.04 OOP(Used $2.00 ECB and got back $2.00). I did this same transaction twice.... I then bought two of the CVS detergents (B1G1 FREE) and paid $2.96 OOP

Febreeze candles at CVS

Febreze Candles in these scents are ringing up .79 cents: Apple Spice, Vanilla , Fresh , Evergreen. The system has clearanced them out, but most stores have not marked them yet. Use the $1/1 coupons found in this past weeks ss and get them for free! if your store will adjust the price of the coupon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I want to thank Savvy Saving mama for nominating me for the lemonade award. I am very happy that I have helped someone out! Unfortunately I am not computer savvy and dont know how to link or even post a pic as you can tell because none of my posts have pics..... so as I will nominate 10 ppl tonight when I have more time-I cant link to their page unless someone will tell me how~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Walgreens trip 1/12/09

I will list the items and then post their total cost

8 oust spray air sanitizer price B1G1 at $3.79 -$1.00 man q, -B1G1 q Final price $ FREE
8 Lysol wipes 2/$3.79 B1G1 -$1.00 on each man q final price $.90 each
4 Quaker oatmeal 2/$2.79, -$.60 on each final price $.80 each
4 glade air fresheners $1.79 on sale for $.89,-$1.00 of 2 man q final price $.39
2 bottles of Fantastic $3.79 B1G1 2/$3.79,-$1.00 on each final price $.90 each
2 bottles of Windex $3.79 B1G1 2/$3.79, -.55 on each final price $1.35
2 Revlon mix n mingle lip gloss $2.59 B1G1(clearance not part of B1G1 but she gave it to me) $2 off one revlon product final price for 2 $.59
1 almay lip gloss $2.29 clearance(she gave it to me at the B1G1 price) -$1.00 on one final price $.65 each
1 almay lipstick $.65(part of B1G1)
2 almay liner $1.89 -$1.00 off of 1 final cost $.40 each
1 Revlon Mascarra $2.59 B1G1 -$2.00 final price $.30 each
1 Revlon Liquid Lipstick$.30
12 bags of Halls cough drops $1.99 on sale for $.99,-$.55 off,-B1G1 final price of each $.23!

Now that is a haul!
Total OOP $20.28
Saved $169.12!!!!!!!!


Okay so I finished my laundry room-except the ceiling- and my dad came down stairs saturday night(he was over to watch football) and looked at all of the things that I have 'stockpiled'and got while couponing and he says why are you wasting your money on stupid stuff like this? I said I am not wasting my money-I have gotten them for free or nearly free! He laughed at me and says that I have way to much stuff that I will never need! I was sort of angry because I am not wasting my money! We will use this stuff or I will donate it or whatever....but hey is it really hurting anyone? THen he proceeds to tell me about my addiction to I ponder that-if I were to go to the regular store(which ever one) and buy this stuff for full price or even sales-I would be spending like a couple hundred dollars instead of merely pennies sometimes. I love saving money and couponing-its my new hobby. I am all for reading an ad, deciding what to go for , get my coupons ready and go! Its exciting. Is there a point when it does become obbsessive? Is there a point when it is too much? I heard you are supposed to keep a years supply of anything(that wont go bad) on hand. Who does this? Is there a support group for stockpilers? Its like I look at my stash of free items and think wow! I look at my savings in aww! It makes me want to find more deals! Does anyone's DH or family member ever laugh at them or question it? Even if I show them the receipts-they laugh..... maybe they are just jealous!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Redner's free ziploc product...

I went shopping at redners today and they have the ziploc freezer vaccuum sealer for FREE!!!! The coupon is right above it to get it for free!!!! I got alot of them and some more coupons-I am going back tomorrow for more....

Friday, January 9, 2009

CVS trip 1/09/09

CVS today is not my favorite place.....the cashier there had no idea on things

I went earlier to get the throat coolers and I cant find my receipt but they didnt have the throat coolers so I had to find some other things on the spot I did get the nasogel thing for the $7.99 ECb and it has a $3.00 mail in rebate so its a MM!!! But in that one -I spent $11 in ECB and got back $12 so not bad....esp with 2 screaming kids. Anyway I went back tonight and this cashier annoyed me-she confused me so bad but here is what I did...

transaction 1-
1 Freestyle lite $9.99
1 hersheys choco skittles $.22
1 choco santa $.19
1 Kotex w/bonus pack $3.27
1 cvs brand sandwich bag $2.99
1 cvs brand sandwich bag B1G1 50% off $1.49
1 Nasogel $7.99

coupons used
-$1 kotex
-$3 cvs brand
-$9.99 freestyle

-$7.99 ECB(from previous nasagel from this afternoon)
-$1 ECB
total OOP $0.16 saved $95.07 spent $9ECB got back $10 ECB !!! WOOHOO

transaction 2(the weird one) I paid for everything and told her I couldnt find my $3/$15 so I went on without it because she wouldnt just put it in there....(I have 2 cards and this is the one that I havent built any ECB's on yet so I thought the nasagel would be a good way to start)

I got
1 Freestyle monitor $9.99
1CVS brand paper towel $1.99
1 cvs brand paper towel B1G1 50%off $.99
1 Listerine agent cool blue $5.89
1 Nasagel $7.99

-$3 off cvs
-$9.99 monitor
OOP was $5.87 and got $3 ECB saved $78.99

well I didnt notice that all my ECB didnt print. On the way out I found my coupon so I asked if I could use it and she said yes. She did a couple things on the computer and handed me $6. I didnt get any ECB because she took it from me and just gave me the $3. So she didnt charge me for the nasagel and the other stuff ended up being free-I made $0.13 ! OH WELL it all was completely free but no ECB oh well cant have it all

Walgreens trip 1/09/09

My walgreens trip was lets just say...different. I am so used to CVS now that I am lost in Walgreens. Anyway I have no rr so I thought I did pretty good.

transaction #1
3 centrum tabs (2 bottle ones) $7.00 each
4 reese's whips $4.77

3/$3 off centrum
2/$1.00 off 2 whip's

total $13.38 and got $10 RR back(she forgot to take off my 2/$1 coupon so I paid $.30 oh well :( saved $19.37

transaction 2
2 Excedrin 80 count $5.00 each
1 One touch ultra meter mini $14.99
2 St. Ives apricot scrub $3
1 St. Ives lotion $4

2 $2 off excedrin
1 $14.99 off one touch
used $10 rr
OOP: $6.60 saved: 50.94 and got back $10 in RR!!! WOOHOO

Thursday, January 8, 2009

CVS TRIP 01/08/2009

My best transaction yet!!! Only cost me $.08 OOP only because the cashier didnt let the .02 go so I had to get a filler...:( Oh well!

Transaction 1
2 snickers 2/1.00 needed a filler on the spot(next time I will do better math)
Gold Emblem sparkling water(6 pack) $3.97
1 Listerine Kids $4.19
6 j and j buddy bars(gotta love 'em) $1.19

-$1.00/1 buddy
-$1/1 buddy
-$2/2 buddies
-$2/2 buddies
-$3/$15 cvs coupon
-$3 cvs brand coupon
-$2 ECB
-$2 ECB
Total OOP: $.43 and got back $5 ECB so i profited only like $,57 but HEY ITs FREE!!!!!!! Doing a little dance!

Transaction 2
cvs brand pater towel $1.99
cvs brand paper towel $1.99 B1G1 50% off

-$3cvs brand coupon

Total oop .08 (had to get xmas filler because of coupon overage)

Total for today -used $4 ECB got back $5 ECB saved $19.22

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CVS trip #2 01/07/09

CVS is only like a block from my house (which is now a BAD thing) that is why I go there so much.... anyway this is trip #2 today

Kotex 36 count w/free pantyliners $3.27
kotex 36 count w/free pantyliner $3.27
cvs sandwich bags $2.99
subtotal : $9.53

-$1.00 off kotex(peelie on another pack)
-$1.00 off kotex peelie
-$3 cvs coupon
Total OOP was $4.54 and got $4.00 ECB back

Transaction #2
kotex pads w/free light days $3.27
kotex pads with free light days $3.27
cvs sandwich bags B1G1 50% off
cvs sandwich bags

used $3 cvs coupon and used the $4 ecb (forgot to go get more peelies DUH!!) Total oop was $4 got $4 ECB so a wash

transaction #3
1 gold emblem sparkling water(6 pack) $3.98

used $3 cvs coupon
Total OOP was $1.03 got $2 ECB ---MONEY MAKER!!!! :)

transaction #4

I gold emblem sparkling water $3.98
used $3 cvs coupon
Total OOP $1.03 earned $2 ECB MONEY MAKER!!!!

Transaction #5
cvs paper towels $1.99 3 pack B1G1 50% off
cvs paper towels $1.99 3 pack

used $3 cvs coupon Total OOP NOTHING!!!!!!

Total spent oop-$10.06 and got $8 ECB back !! not bad!
saved $32.xx not bad!!

Walgreens trip 1/07/09

Walgreens Total OOP$5.94+tax saved $25.73 (could have been better)

3 ajax's .99
2 reynolds wrap 1.69
3 soft soaps 2.79
3 wags peroxide .89
2 stayfree maxi 6.99 each

B1G1 stayfree-6.99
Softsoap coupon $1 on 3
save .50 on 1 reynolds wrap
save .5o on 1 reynolds wrap
wags coupon reynalds wrap .99
wags coupon ajax 3/1.00
wags coupon softsoap .99
wags coupon peroxide 3/1.00
wags coupon $3 off 1 pack stayfree

final price:
ajax-.33 each
reynolds wrap: .49 each
stayfree 2/.99
peroxide 3/.99

$5.94 plus tax!!! saved 25.73!!

cvs trip 1/06/09

I just started to really do this coupon thing again after the holidays so here it goes

I had a $12 ECB(from the soy joy bars) and 2 $2.00 one to use. One my first transaction
I bought cottonelle tp with my .50 cent coupon cottonelle
$12.97cvs dryer sheets $3.99
total was roughly $16.50used
cvs 3/$15
used my .50 cottonelle q
used my $3 cvs coupon
used my $12 ECb
but need a filler so got a orbit white gum
paid .o3 OOP
got $4 ECB

Transaction #2
1 listerine kids berry $4.19 get $3 ECB
1 Listerine kids berry $4.19 get $3 ECB
used a $2.00 ECB and another $2.00 ECB and the $4.00 from the tp
Total OOP: .38 and got $6 ECB back

Transaction #3
snickers 2/$1.00(filler for hubby)
progresso chicken soup
progresso chicken soup B1G1
All small n mighty
All small n mighty B1G1
cvs fabric sheets
orbit white gum($1 ECB)
coupons used $1.00 off all
-$1.00 off all
-$1.10 off 1 progresso soup
-$1.10 off 1 progresso soup
-$3/$15 cvs coupon
-$3 off cvs brand coupon
-$6.00 ECB($6 from listerine)
total oop .67
not too bad and I still have $12 from another transaction plus the $1.00 from the gum
Total OOP was $1.08 and saved $53.86!!!!