Sunday, March 22, 2009

Target trip 3/22/09

I started out with 2 $5 gift cards from the quaker deal yesterday.... this is what I got-I am amazed! I could have done better but the cashier got mad at me and said-I know what you are doing! These $8 razors will be free! I said almost they will be 2/$1!!!! She got a mean look on her face so I said oh well and just did 2 transactions to start out with.

Transaction 1
Twilight DVD(for DD) $17.99
2 gillette body wash $2
satin care shave gel $.97
10 intuitions razors $6.99each total$56
-10$4 q's
-2 $2 q's for body wash-FREE
-$1 satin care $0.01 MM!
-$10 gift card from quaker deal
Total-$48 (18 was movie) got $30 in gift cards

Transaction 2
8 schick quattro razors $6.99 each $56
-8 $4 q
-$25 in gift cards
Total OOP $1.08 got back $20 in gift cards

I cant find the other receipts but i now am the proud owner of like 3 years supply of razors(I think 26) and now have $25 in gift cards to roll!


Club Coupon said...

I've been in your shoes before with cashier's and stores being intimidating. It's not always easy but don't let them do that. I've talked to many a store manager and as long as your not doing anything illegal (and 99% are not) then you work the best deal possible. I firmly believe that all these manufacturers/stores are aware of all possible scenerios when they publish these deals and coupons. Keep up the great savings! As a matter of fact I had a CVS store manager tell me recently that a toothpaste deal was NOT limiting itself to 1 so that I could do the best deal. If that makes sense. Also if you have another store that is near you from the same chain then check it out. May have better customer service.

Together We Save said...

Good job, you got some great deals. Thanks for folowing my blog. I will be back to posting tomorrow.